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As it’s always been important to track dealer performance and outstanding rent payable, we have integrated many more special functions by which you can quickly monitor how the dealer booths are performing at any instant. The program comes with the capability of adding unlimited dealer information and you can access the historic data or view the transaction history with a nimble. Conveniently manage booth rental discounts or special offer rents to your loyal good dealers.

AntiqueSoft includes various simple yet effective dealer management functions that can:

  • Keep track of dealer outstanding balance
  • Manage dealer discount plans
  • Assign universal commissions and dealer wise commission
  • Monitor dealers performance at the mall
  • Maintain dealer’s booth wish list
  • Provide credit to the dealers
  • Generate dealer letters and mailing labels through the system
  • Check dealer payment history by click of a button
  • Print checks and comprehensive dealer month end settlement report through the system
  • Review dealer sales by choosing the date range over any set of period
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